Title: Ashoka's December Special
Date: 1 - 31 Dec 2018

​Venue: Audrey's Wellness, 228A Upper Thomson Road

Energy Exchange: $240 for 2hrs (U.P. $300)

RSVP: 8498 7653 or 6451 3418 on weekdays 3pm - 9pm or weekends 12pm - 8pm

Hey everyone, I'll be having a special promo for the whole month of December 2018!

Arm yourself with a 2019 Monthly Forecast Reading to know the influences that are likely to affect you in the new year! Then allow me to work on your energy body with my signature healing modality to clear the old and refresh you for the new!

These two services are going for only $240 for 2hrs (U.P. $300)! So do book your slot fast!

RSVP to 8498 7653 or call 6451 3418 on weekdays 3pm - 9pm or weekends 12pm - 8pm.
Title: Yogafest W.E.
Date: Saturday & Sunday
, 12 & 13 Jan 2019
​Venue: Tanjong Pagar Centre (above Tanjong Pagar MRT)

Calling all Yoga enthusiasts and more! I'll be offering my services at Yogafest W.E. happening on 12 & 13 Jan 2019 at Tanjong Pagar Centre! So come get your fix of Tarot & Oracle Card Reading, Akashic Records Reading and Chakra Balancing that weekend! Together with  Yuanhui Chen of  Intuitive Art Healing with Yuanhui, we'll be setting up stall at the Well+Good Market at the festival which is open to the public - so catch us there! Tell your friends and spread the word! More details here:
Title: Bare Your Essentials - A series of workshops on Self-Love
Date: Saturday
, 3 Nov 2018, 1pm - 3:30pm
​Venue: Suntec Tower 3, #04-01, Singapore 038988 (office building, not mall)

Nearest MRT: Promenade station
Energy Exchange: $78 per person

RSVP: +65 9689 2610

Intuitive Art Healer Yuanhui Chen and Holistic Practitioner Ashoka collaborate to bring you a new series of workshops entitled “Bare Your Essentials” – focusing on the theme of Self-Love!

They combine their love for Art and Essential Oils – along with a whole range of metaphysical tools, alternative remedies and spiritual practices – to help support you in your journey to loving yourself!

If you…

- Struggle especially with mental and emotional concerns
- Want to find natural remedies to relieve pain and stress
- Have an interest in the mind-body-spirit connection
- Are keen in holistic practices to help achieve a sense of wellbeing

… these workshops were created with you in mind!

In this debut workshop, Yuanhui & Ashoka target the all-too-common feelings of stress and anxiety in your everyday life.

Through the medium of Art, you’ll gain insight and wisdom into what’s really behind your stress – the underlying blocks that are inhibiting you from your sense of wellbeing.

We’ll gently explore your subconscious belief systems – the limiting thoughts and repetitive patterns that hinder your growth, preventing you from being at your fullest potential.

And we’ll safely uncover the underlying emotions like fear, guilt, anger, grief, and shame that may be standing in your way to the freedom and lightness that you so deserve!

Yuanhui & Ashoka will guide you to lovingly accept, reconcile and release these issues using a combination of holistic modalities. They’ll also employ the use of meditation, crystals, oracle cards, energy healing etc. to shed light on your situation.

What’s more – you’ll learn how Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Essential Oils act as a gentle support system to help you heal yourself. You’ll know which oil targets your area of concern best, as well as a whole host of oils to help other related issues.

As a result, we hope you’ll walk away feeling much more at peace with yourself and your life, and more empowered to make decisions that serve your highest purpose.

So make a date with Yuanhui & Ashoka as they facilitate this enlightening workshop!

As a maximum of 20 participants is practicable for the nature of this workshop, be sure to RSVP early to book your seat!

About Yuanhui Chen:
Yuanhui is an Intuitive Art Healer who works at the level of the subconscious through Art, facilitating release and transmutation of emotions through Holistic Practices and Essential Oils. As an experienced former Arts Educator, a mother, and a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, she combines her keen understanding of the healing potentials of Art and Essential Oils to support others in their journey towards emotional wellness. To learn more about Yuanhui and her work, visit
Title: Foods for Ascension
Date: Sunday
, 4 Nov 2018, 3:30pm - 6pm
​Venue: 266C, Compassvale Bow, Singapore 543266
Energy Exchange: $78 per person

RSVP: +65 9689 2610

In their 2nd collaboration, Health Foods Aficionado Sng Shu Fen and Holistic Practitioner Ashoka address the effects of DAIRY on our wellbeing!

In this workshop, learn about the sources of dairy in our everyday food products; the controversial topic of whether it affects our health for the better or worse; and the part it plays in our common goal of Ascension.

Let Shu Fen show you how she sifts out health-giving foods and brands in the market, and meticulously examines the fine print of every food product she purchases for her loved ones.

She’ll put together fun, insightful hands-on activities to help you literally get a taste between the good, and the not-so-good!

And the best part? She’ll share with you the foods and brands she prefers to use as healthier alternatives.

Ashoka supplements these workshops with metaphysical tools, alternative remedies and spiritual practices you can use to support your wellness journey, as you harmonise all layers of your being – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

He’ll also take you through healing meditations, targeting the very issue being addressed, and the parts of the body that are affected. As and when appropriate, he’ll also offer mini readings and hands-on healing.

If you are…

- Enthusiastic about healthy eating
- Passionate about nutrition
- Concerned about the right brands to buy in the market
- Mindful of the kind of foods you put into your body
- A Lightworker or practitioner in the Holistic Arts
- Keen in the areas of Wellness, Spirituality, and Alternative Medicine

… these workshops aim at giving you a ton of insight into real, high-vibration, life-giving foods to help us thrive.

And a large part of it is about identifying their opposite: the foods that are artificial, low in vibration, and sap the life out of us.

So come join Shu Fen & Ashoka as they share their passions in “Foods for Ascension”!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

About “Fulfilling” Sng Shu Fen (Iloveangels):
Shu Fen, or “Fulfilling” as she likes to call herself, is one who is passionate about food. She believes eating clean and healthy foods uplifts you spiritually. Shu Fen strongly believes that more than knowing what is good to eat, is knowing what to avoid. As she says, “It’s not what you know that costs you; it’s what you don’t know. Ignorance is a heavy price to pay.” Shu Fen is also an Angel Card Reader, a mother to two daughters, and a wife to a happy husband!

Disclaimer: Please understand that the information in this workshop is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be viewed as a substitute to supervised doctoral care, and is not meant to replace advice from your health care provider. The facilitators are not liable for and cannot be held responsible for any loss, illness or injury caused by any of the information shared. Participants are advised to consult their physician when in doubt.