Ceremony of the 6-Petalled Lotus

If you...

  • Want to improve your creativity
  • Want to be more “in the flow”
  • Feel blocked and need more inspiration
  • Struggle with processing your emotions
  • Find it hard to come to terms with your feelings
  • Want to be more comfortable with your body
  • Have issues related to your creative centre

​... this is for you.

This is a group ceremony which can also be adapted for a private ceremony.
Come join me as I take you through this unique ceremony to:

  • Release the inhibitions and doubts plaguing you from creating
  • Heal the wounds and strengthen your Sacral Chakra
  • Empower your sacral centre so as to easily manifest your creative desires

It includes:

  • A ritual to release whatever is holding you back from creating
  • A meditation to receive healing with the Angels and Ascended Masters who specialise in the many facets of creation
  • An energy healing to clear and open up the sacral centre, making it easier to let your feelings flow
  • A manifestation ritual to empower your creativity, bringing your creations to fruition

And much more…

What you will need to do
  • Dress comfortably. You will need to lie down at one part.
  • Drink some water before the session. Water helps to carry the energies better.
  • Come with an open and honest state of mind with regard to all your sacral issues.

Duration: 1 hr 45 min
As much as possible, I will keep to the allocated time. However, I also understand if a client prefers to go through the ceremony at their own pace, in which case we can accommodate for additional time too. Do note that additional charges apply in this case.
Locations in Singapore:
  • At a holistic centre. I will book a private healing room.

To arrange your session, please contact me at +65 9689 2610 or AshokaHealing@hotmail.com

Energy Exchange:
SGD $250 for 1 hr 45 min
Subsequently, SGD $37.50 for every additional 15 min

For sessions at holistic centres, payment can be made at the centre. You can pay me by:

  • PayLah! or PayNow to +65 9689 2610
  • Bank Transfer: Inform me and I'll reply with my bank account number. May I kindly inform you that payment has to be made first before I carry out the session.
  • Cash: This has to be paid at the session itself.

​If you have any queries, do feel free to write to me as well.

I wish you only peace and joy.
"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm." - Earl Nightingale
"Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you."
- Roger Ebert
"Life's a party. Invite yourself."
- Gary Johnson