Ceremony of the 12-Petalled Lotus

If you want to...

  • Manifest a new love relationship
  • Arise more feelings of self-love
  • Heal painful memories and emotions
  • Develop more compassion and understanding towards others
  • Find closure with an old relationship
  • Work on the psychosomatic reasons for your heart issues

... this is for you.

This is a group ceremony which can also be adapted for a private ceremony.

The Heart Chakra is our centre of love and compassion. It is the most important chakra as it is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Hence, the need to keep this chakra light and clear is paramount.

Ironically, we tend to hold the most stuff in our heart – mainly from our relations.

The heart rules our quality of happiness and joy in life, and debilitating states like sadness, grief, longing, grudges, jealousy, regret, cynicism and hopelessness do hamper our ability to experience love again.

The energy of love – which is really the energy of Source – is all around us… just waiting for us to welcome it back into our lives. And this ceremony seeks to open the floodgates to love again.

The ceremony includes:

  • A ritual to release old memories and painful emotions
  • A meditation to receive healing with the Angels and Ascended Masters who specialise in the many facets of love
  • An energy healing to clear and open up the heart centre, making it easier to love again
  • A manifestation ritual to attract your heart's desires

And much more...
  What you will need to do

  • Dress comfortably. You will need to lie down at one part.
  • Drink some water before the session. Water helps to carry the energies better.
  • Come with an open and honest state of mind with regard to your love life.

Duration: 1 hr 45 min
As much as possible, I will keep to the allocated time. However, I also understand if a client prefers to go through the ceremony at their own pace, in which case we can accommodate for additional time too. Do note that additional charges apply in this case.

Locations in Singapore:
  • At a holistic centre. I will book a private healing room.

To arrange your session, please contact me at +65 9689 2610 or AshokaHealing@hotmail.com

​Energy Exchange:
SGD $250 for 1 hr 45 min
Subsequently, SGD $37.50 for every additional 15 min

For sessions at holistic centres, payment can be made at the centre. You can pay me by:

  • PayLah! or PayNow to +65 9689 2610
  • Bank Transfer: Inform me and I'll reply with my bank account number. May I kindly inform you that payment has to be made first before I carry out the session.
  • Cash: This has to be paid at the session itself.

​If you have any queries, do feel free to write to me as well.

I wish you only peace and joy. 
"To love another person is to see the face of God.- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables 
"The heart has its reasons that Reason does not know." 
- Blaise Pascal
"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.
- Richard Bach